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Family happily chatting on their dining areaPersonal Care Assistant (PCA), also known as caregivers, are responsible for providing care services to patients with certain health conditions. At Immediate Home Health Care, we are composed of skilled, well-trained, and competent caregivers who are responsible for delivering the right care to ensure that the needs of the patient are met.

We provide the following services:

We assist patients when they want to eat their meals.
Meal Preparation
We prepare delicious and nutritious meals for our patients to enjoy.
We assist patients when taking a bath to ensure they will not fall or slip.
We assist patients with their personal hygiene and make sure they are fresh and clean.
We help patients in wearing their clean clothes.
We assist patients when they want to transfer seats or position.
Mobility and Positioning
We assist patients when they need to go somewhere or change their position.
Bowel and Bladder Care
We assist patients in going to and from the comfort room.
Accompany to Appointments
We assist and accompany patients in going to and from their doctor’s appointments.
Light Housekeeping
We do various household chores to ensure that our patient’s home is clean and is conducive to recovery.
We also do laundry to ensure that the clothes our patients are wearing are clean.
Medicine Reminders
We see to it that our patients will not skip a dose and will take their medicines the right way, at the right time.

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